Family Arts Competitions at the Marion County Fair

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INDIANAPOLIS- Every year, the Marion County Fair hosts family arts competitions throughout the fair. This year will not be an exception. Starting on June 21st through the 30th, the Family Arts Building will have an array of different competitions going on for fairgoers to enjoy.

The competitions are broken into three categories: People’s Choice Contests, Daily Contests, and Open Class Competitions. The People’s Choice Contests are where the fairgoers get to choose the winners. Daily contests are where special judges will examine entries and offer real-time feedback as they vote on winners. Finally, the Open Class is where entries are judged before the start of the fair and have an award/ribbon placed on them for everyone to see. Note that those entries for People’s Choice and Open Class are due at the fair on Sunday, June 16th between 1-5 p.m.

This year there will be three People’s Choice categories. They will be the Pinterest inspired picture frames, Mason Jar Contest, and string art. Entries for these three categories will be up for the entire fair, so fairgoers can vote on their favorites.

Daily contest entries will be accepted up to two hours prior to judging, and will be awarded at the conclusion of the event. With every day holding different competitions, there’s a lot to see. Some of these competitions include the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, Candy Contest, Apple Pie Contest, and many others.

Open Class Competitions have a wide variety of categories for contestants to choose from. They range from home arts to photography to food preservation. Each category then gets broken down into small categories.

For a full list of contests and competitions, along with rules and entry forms, check out .