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Animals & 4-H Overview

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The Marion County Fair is unique in comparison to most county fairs as it is home to a very urban environment. Quite frankly, there aren’t many farms in Marion County, nor land available to house animals. This is why you won’t typically find 4-H kids showing their cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, etc. on-site throughout our fair. What we do offer is a series of 4-H & Open Class Animal Shows that bring in animals for specific events and on specific days of the fair. Details regarding these shows can be found below.

While there may not be much farmland in Marion County, there are plenty of Marion County 4-H students who chose to showcase their non-animal related projects. Displays can be found in categories such as art, robotics, fashion, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), photography and more!

To learn more, please visit the Marion County 4-H Club website!

Animal Events / Shows / Displays

Baird Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

Taking place throughout the fair you will find the Baird Petting Zoo inside the Community Youth Building. The petting zoo is one of the best around with a mix of farm and exotic animals! Walking through the petting zoo is FREE, but there is feed for the animals available for purchase!

On the lawn of the Community Youth Building, Pony Rides are available for purchase!


There are multiple horse events that take place during the fair at the Horse Arena.

  • Wednesday
    • 3 – 6p – 4-H Horse Show (Western Ground)
      • NOTE – Fair gates aren’t open to the public until 5p
    • 7 – 9p – 4-H Horse Show (Versatility)
  • Thursday – 5 – 9p – 4-H Horse Show (Western Showmanship)
  • Friday – 1p – 6:30p – 4-H Horse Show (English Riding)
    • NOTE – Fair gates aren’t open to the public until 5p
  • 2nd Saturday
    • 1p – 5p – 4-H Horse Show (Contesting)
    • 5p – 6:30p – 4-H Horse Show (Costume Class)
  • 2nd Sunday – 12 – 4p – 4-H Horse Show (Fun Day)


There will be poultry on display throughout the fair in the Poultry Barn. Different days will feature different species of poultry. Shows and judged contest happen at the following times…

  • 1st Saturday – 12 – 8p – Open Class Poultry Show
  • Tuesday – 5 – 7:30p – 4-H Poultry Show
  • 2nd Saturday – 12 – 8p – Open Class Serama Poultry Shows
  • 2nd Sunday – 12 – 4p – Open Class Pigeon Show

Dogs / Small Animals

Dogs are a popular attraction here at the fair. We host Elite Performance K9s on both weekends of the fair. They perform tricks, catch frisbees in aerobatic fashion, jump and run agility courses at blazing speeds! In addition the 4-H program hosts a Dog Show & exhibition over 2 days in the Coliseum and a Small Animal Showcase in the 4-H Expo Hall!

  • Check out the complete Elite Performance K9s lineup here!
  • 1st Saturday – 4 – 5p – 4-H Small Animal Showcase
  • 1st Saturday – 7 – 9p – Indy Wildlife Rehab & Exotic Rescue Demos
  • 2nd Friday – 6 – 9p – 4-H Dog Show (Agility)
  • 2nd Saturday – 12 – 5:30p – 4-H Dog Show (Obedience, Showmanship & Service)


There will be no cattle on the fairgrounds, but we will have Open Class Sheep & Swine Shows in the Livestock Barn each Saturday of the fair.

  • 1st Saturday – 2 – 6p – Open Class Swine Show
  • 2nd Saturday – 2 – 6p – Open Class Sheep Show

4-H Exhibits / Displays

Fair-Long 4-H Exhibits / Displays

The 4-H Exhibit Hall plays host to many displays, demos and activities! Here, you’ll find STEM, Health & Well Being, AgriScience, and Leadership & Civic Educational Tracks via daily demonstrations and self-guided activities!

The 4-H Arts & Crafts Building houses many displays and daily demos in the Arts & Crafts field!

4-H Special Events

All events take place in the 4-H Exhibit Hall unless otherwise noted.

  • 1st Saturday – 12-2p – 4-H Poultry BBQ Contest Judging
  • 1st Saturday – 3:30-5p – 4-H Fashion Review
  • Monday – 6-8p – 4-H Public Speaking Demo & Contest
  • Wednesday – 6-8p – 4-H Verbal Communication Contest
  • Thursday – 6-7:30p – 4-H Artistic Chef’s Food Club Demos
  • 2nd Sunday – 3-5p – 4-H Awards & Closing Ceremonies (Coliseum)