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Ride Info & Discounts
Fair Food – Yum!
Carnival Games

Ride Info & Discounts

The centerpiece of the Marion County Fair is the midway – full of rides, food, games & fun! With the urbanization of Marion County and Indianapolis, the farmland and livestock that used to reside here has dwindled. So while our fair may not be able to boast as many animals on display as other county fairs, we can certainly stack our midway up against any of them! The midway is ran by North American Midway Entertainment, the world’s largest traveling outdoor amusement park!

Ride Discount Days

Unlimited Ride Specials

Purchase unlimited rides all day / night long for $25 on the following days of the fair! Save time and skip the line by purchasing your ride pass online.

  • 1st Friday from 5–11p
  • 1st Saturday from 12–11p
  • Tuesday from 5–11p
  • Thursday from 5–11p
  • 2nd Saturday from 12–11p
  • 2nd Sunday from 12–11p

Dollar Ride Nights – All rides are $1 each

  • Monday from 5–11p
  • Wednesday from 5–11p

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Fair Food

We know you all come here for the food! Every survey we’ve ever done – FOOD is the number one answer as to why people come to the fair! So of course we’re going to make sure we have many of your favorite fair treats!

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Carnival Games

Whether you want to win that giant stuff animal for their special someone or simply like the thrill of winning… the array of games at the fair will fulfill your competitive spirit!

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