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Competitions & Contests

Compete / Enter Contests at the fair!

Blue Ribbons, Trophies, Crowns, Best in Show, Marion County Fair Champion! Whatever the recognition you seek, we likely have competitions to help you compete for it! We offer pageants, cooking, photography, horticulture, animal, science, horsepower (auto & animal), talent shows and more!

Competition Line-up & Entry Forms

Links for the following events will be made available as soon as they are ready to accept participants. If any links are inactive or linked to outdated information, please feel free to contact the fair office and request the latest status update on the competition you are interested in.

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Animal Competitions

Poultry Show

Pigeon Show

Serama Poultry Show

Sheep Show

Swine Show

Talent / Skills Competitions

Talent Shows

Cheerleading Contest


Queen & Princess

Baby (6 mo. – 18 mo.)

Home & Arts Competitions

Family Arts