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The Marion County Fair is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit that needs corporate / community donations to continue operations.  In exchange for your donation, we can offer the following sponsorship opportunities as our thank you for your support!

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Terry Bonneau
BPS Marketing

Sponsor Overview PDF

Click here or click the image to view our sponsor info PDF.

To download the PDF to your files simply use your browser menu to save the file to your computer.

Fair Recap Video

The following video gives a great visual of the most recent fair and highlights the impact that sponsors have on our fair!

Marion County Fairgoers!

Attendance Stats

The fair has seen steady growth in recent years. Our most recent 5-year attendance average is 75,832. That is a 25% increase over the prior 5 years.

Average Daily Attendance*

1st Friday – 7,163
1st Saturday – 11,825
1st Sunday – 7,361
Monday – 5,045
Tuesday – 4,895
Wednesday – 5,430
Thursday – 4,322
2nd Friday – 9,508
2nd Saturday – 12,730
2nd Sunday – 9,910

*Removed days in which poor weather highly impacted attendance.

Aerial View of Fairgrounds

Fairgoer Demographics


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Age Ranges


Marion County Fair – Sponsorship Structure

Our sponsorships are broken down into two basic categories – Sponsorship Type & Sponsorship Level. The Sponsorship Type defines the element of the fair you’d like to sponsor. The Sponsorship Level defines the emphasis in that sponsorship that you’d like your brand to receive. These are defined below.

Sponsorship Type

Considering all the events and activities that take place within the fair, we are sure there is something that reaches an audience you’d like to target.

Event Sponsorships – Targeted audiences vary depending on event type, exposure throughout event and alongside all promotion of the event before or after. Sponsorable events include, but are not limited to…

  • Queen & Princess Pageant
  • Demolition Derby
  • Talent Shows
  • Cutest Baby Contest
  • Dog Shows
  • Horse Shows
  • Motorcycle / Truck / Auto Races

Day / Night Sponsorships – Generates many brand impressions, exposure all day long and by association within any promotion of events happening that day. Days can be generic in nature or include themed days such as…

  • Opening Night Celebration
  • Kid’s Day (both Saturdays)
  • Father’s Day
  • Ladies’ Night

Area Sponsorships – Generates many brand impressions, exposure throughout the entire 10-day fair and by association within any promotion of events happening in that area. Sponsorable areas include, but are not limited to…

  • Park Stage (music & entertainment space)
  • Grandstands (horsepower-related events)
  • Midway (rides & games)
  • Plaza or Main Street (central gathering areas for many features)
  • Family Arts Building (exhibit showcase)
  • Animal Barns (horse, livestock, poultry and petting zoo)

Feature Sponsorships – Audiences vary by feature, but these unique attractions are highly promoted and viewed by fairgoers. Some features return, some are one-time only sponsor opportunities. Sponsorable features include…

  • Dino-ROAR (Interactive & Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibit)
  • First Bite Fishing Pond
  • Elite Performance K9s (Stunt / Frisbee Dogs)
  • Bear Hollow Chainsaw Carving Demos
  • Princess & Superhero Performances
  • Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

Miscellaneous opportunities – Of course there are some opportunities that don’t quite fit into the categories defined above, but are still quite valuable. These include, but are not limited to…

  • Various sizes of print ads in the 30,000 copy fair program
  • Printed ad included on the page of our downloadable coupon
  • Booth space – Varies by size and location

Sponsorship Level

Most sponsorship opportunities offer two levels of involvement – Title Sponsor or Presenting Sponsor.

Naturally the Title Sponsor level comes with more prestige, greater value and increased levels of recognition. Below is a chart that distinguishes the two.

Title vs. Presenting comparison2

What you get as a fair sponsor!

Baseline Inclusion for All Sponsors

All fair sponsors (who invest at least $1,000) are recognized in the following ways…

  • Logo in our pre-fair brochure
    • 10,000 copies are handed out around town to pre-promote the fair.
    • These brochures contain a gate admission coupon to information those who read them, to hold on to them until fair-time.
    • Must become a sponsor before May 1 to be included in the pre-fair brochure.
  • Logo & call-out in our on-site fair program
    • 30,000 copies are handed out at the gates
      • 1 per family / group (multiple-person impressions)
    • Logo on thank you to sponsors page.
    • Call-out including text & additional logo near the mention of the element sponsored.
  • Logo & link inclusion on
    • Clickable sponsor logos will be posted by May 1 on the homepage.
      • Homepage received 172,000+ pageviews last year.
    • Clickable sponsor logos will be posted by May 1 on the Thank You to our Sponsors page.
    • Clickable sponsor logos & text will be included near areas where the sponsored element is included on our website.
  • Social media tag / mention in multiple posts
    • Each sponsor will be included in at least 2 boosted (paid marketing support by the fair) posts on Facebook (or other social media outlet).
    • Boosted posts on the fair’s Facebook page averaged a reach of 30,000+ each last year.

Custom Element Sponsor Inclusion

Depending on the element of the fair in which you wish to sponsor. You’ll have the opportunity to benefit in one or more of the following ways…

  • On-site booth / display space
    • Interact with fairgoers, hand out materials, etc.
    • Get face-to-face exposure with the thousands of fairgoers on-hand each day!
  • On-site signage
    • There are plenty of spaces to place signage around our 123-acres of fairgrounds. Depending on your sponsorship level you may be able to place signage around the entire grounds or perhaps just near your sponsored area.
    • Signage provided by the sponsor will be hung for free in the ideal area(s) by the fairgrounds.
    • Signage can be designed / printed for sponsors for an additional fee.
  • PA announcements
    • Fair-wide announcements are read hourly to update fairgoers on what is coming up in the following hour. Sponsors are included in multiple reads each day.
    • Many events / areas have their own PA systems and sponsors for those elements can be recognized to the crowd in attendance.
  • Custom ideas
    • The opportunities don’t end here. We can be very flexible in helping our sponsors achieve their goals in unique ways.
    • Contact us to chat about your ideas!

While these are all baseline inclusions for sponsors. It’s worth noting that recognition for sponsors is scaled up in relation to the investment level, ensuring our largest donors/sponsors get the highest level of recognition.