Vendor / Exhibitor / Concessionaire

Become a Vendor / Exhibitor / Concessionaire

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor / exhibitor / concessionaire. We hope you will find the fair to be a wise investment that grows your business.  We have both outdoor and indoor spaces available. Please look for the “Downloadable Forms” header to find specific booth information / applications.

Outdoor Spaces

Located throughout the fairgrounds, we will work with you to find the best space available for your needs.  It may be near admin plaza, the midway or on the lawns in front of our many buildings lining Main Street.  Outdoor spaces offer increased visibility and foot traffic compared to our indoor spaces.

Spaces begin at $555 for the fair.  This is calculated via a minimum of 15′ of frontage space @ $37 / ft.

Indoor Spaces

Located inside our air-conditioned Marketplace, these spaces are ideal for companies that don’t want to worry about the weather concerns an outdoor space brings.

Spaces begin at $275 for the fair.  This is for a base space of 10 x 10 in certain locations within the building.  Space costs vary inside The Marketplace depending on the location within the building you wish to have.