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Event Superintendents & Assistants

Thanks to our Event Superintendents & Assistants

While the all volunteer fair board oversees the efforts in putting on the Marion County Fair each year, there are a number of events led by board appointed superintendents and assistants.  These volunteers work very hard to help bring you the events below.

If you feel you could help the fair in anyway, the board would welcome your support.  Please contact the fair office at 317-353-2444 or email

Area of Service

Superintendent / Assistant

Treasury Office Don Glowinski
Calling Contest Wanda Goins
Cheerleading Contest Dave & Christina Hunt, Sheila Smith
Family Arts Molly Lewis
Family Arts Carol Waterman
Pigeon Show Mary McKinley
Poultry Show Kaye Elliott
Queen Pageant Donna Gardner
Fire & Safety Don Brunson, Harry Tibetts