Marion County Fair

About Us

About Marion County Fair

The mission of the Marion County Agricultural Fair Association, Inc. is to provide an enjoyable, safe, year-round, multi-use facility. One that serves the needs of the Marion County Community. With emphasis on youth education, entertainment, agriculture and recreation that enhances partnerships in building a stronger community!

The Marion County Agricultural Fair Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.


The Marion County Fair was established in 1930 as a street fair in New Bethel or Wannamaker. Following several moves in the Wannamaker area, it was relocated onto 123 acres of land at Troy Avenue and Fisher Road. There are presently 17 permanent buildings on the grounds.

There have been variations of the “Marion County Fair” that date all the way back to 1835! To learn about the longer history of our fair and other fairs that have taken place in Marion County, please read this article written by Steven R. Barnett – Marion County Historian, Indiana Historical Society/Indiana Historical Bureau and Executive Director, Irvington Historical Society.

Fair Board Members

Cindy Mowery, President
Susie Day, Vice President & Secretary
Michael Dilk, Treasurer
Joe Goins, Director
Danny Meador, Director
Frank Taylor, Director
Elizabeth Williams, Director


Honorary Board Members


Anthony Ardizzone
Danny Huston
Shannon Mastin

Fundraisers & Memoriams

The Marion County Fair is in the early stages of a capital improvement campaign to perform major renovations throughout the fairgrounds. The Marion County Fair has a long and proud history of promoting agriculture in an increasingly urban environment. The brick campaign, in conjunction with memorial benches and picnic tables, allows community members to have a lasting presence. Donors have the option to have their bricks placed in front of the cattle barn in a garden area to be dedicated to Past, Present and Future Marion County Agriculturalists, in the Veterans Memorial Garden, or elsewhere on the fairgrounds pending project completion. The funds from brick sales will be used to create and enhance the two gardens, perform a complete renovation of the historic cattle barn, and allow for upgrades to other infrastructure throughout the facility. These are spaces that will be enjoyed by Marion County community members for years to come.

Donations & Wish List

As a not-for-profit, we welcome donations of all types… financial, labor, or tangible items. Below are a few things we could use. If you or someone you know would be interested in making a donation of these items or services, please let us know.


Paper Towel Dispensers for Restrooms & Barn Areas

Ceiling Tiles Non-Absorbant Type, Cafeteria

PA System Back Track, Barns, Buildings and Stages

Concrete Barriers, 2-Ton (20-25)

Computer for Treasurers Office

Electrical Photo Cells

WalkieTalkies / Radios

Phone System

Water Tanks (Grandstands)

New U.S. Flags (Various Sizes)

Signage (Lighted for Grandstands) on Wheels

Table Umbrellas

Pergola Areas for Shading & Protection

12-15 Picnic Tables

20-25 Park Benches

Rain Barrels

Horse Barn


Restrooms Partitions

French Drains

Post Replacement

Flooring in Barn Areas

Stall Reinforcement

Swine Barn

Water Grate Replacement

Repair Back Door to Barn

Repair / Replace Overhead Door

Coliseum to Swine Barn