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92nd Annual Marion County Fair

The 92nd Annual Marion County Fair is June 24 – July 3, 2022!

We are very excited to bring your fair favorites and more to this year’s event. Many volunteer hours have gone into creating, what we hope you will find to be, an economical family friendly event! For the basic admission price of just $5 per person, we offer many free events, attractions and entertainment options. We don’t charge any parking fees because we’d rather you save that money to go on a ride, buy an elephant ear or enjoy one of our premium attractions like the demolition derby! So head on over to our tickets & coupons page for more info and to save on admission!


Daily Admission


Children 5 & Under


Military w/ valid ID


Premium Parking




The centerpiece of the Marion County Fair is the midway! With the urbanization of Marion County and Indianapolis, the farmland and livestock that used to reside here has dwindled. So while we may not be able to boast as many animals on display as other county fairs, we can certainly stack our midway up against any of them! Ran by North American Midway Entertainment, the world’s largest traveling outdoor amusement park! They bring a thrilling midway experience!

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Visitor Stats

The fair has seen steady growth in recent years. Our most recent 5-year attendance average is 75,832. That is a 25% increase over the prior 5 years.

Average Daily Attendance:

1st Friday

1st Saturday

1st Sunday





2nd Friday

2nd Saturday

2nd Sunday

*Removed days in which poor weather highly impacted attendance.