Marion County Fair

Special Features

Marion County Fair Special Features

Each year the fair brings in special features, events, acts and/or performers to delight the crowds. Often these special features are new to the fair, but they also could be returning acts that have been recent crowd favorites! Either way, there is no guarantee these events will return next year, so make sure you come see them while you can!  

1 Ticket Rides

DAY(S): 6/27 & 6/29

LOCATION: Fairgrounds

TIME: 5PM-11PM gates close at 9:30PM

Have a blast on the Great American Midway! From trilling rides, to kid friendly ones enjoy them at a discounted rate.

All rides are one ticket! 

Unlimited Rides

DAYS:  6/24, 6/25, 6/28, 6/30, 7/2, & 7/3

LOCATION: Fairgrounds

TIME:  5PM-11PM gates close at 9:30pm

Have a blast on the Great American Midway! From thrilling rides, to kid friendly ones enjoy them unlimited with a wristband. 

* sold until 9PM


Princess/Queen Pageant

DAY: 6/24

LOCATION: Coliseum


This annual pageant has been crowning Queens since 1958!  This county pageant serves as the feeder competition leading to the Indiana State Fair Pageant.  Sponsored by Dandy Breeze Creamery, the Marion County Fair Queen receives a $2,500 scholarship and the opportunity to represent her county in a variety of positive ways throughout the year.  Join us for this extra special tradition.

Petting Zoo

DAYS:  6/24-7/3

LOCATION: Horticulture Building

TIME:  Closes at 9 PM

The petting zoo is a family favorite. From baby pigs, to camels there is certainly something everyone will love! There are even alligators. Feed the animals for an additional cost!


DAY(S): 6/24-7/3

LOCATION: Main Street

TIME: Multiple Shows Daily

Features 8, life-like, animatronic dinosaurs! The dinosaurs and their puppeteer handlers will roam the admin plaza area multiple times each day of the fair. This educational & interactive show teaches kids fun facts about dinosaurs in a captivating manner.

The Unit Band

DAY: 6/24

LOCATION: Park Stage

TIME:  7-8 PM

Enjoy the Unit Band on the free park stage. 

Cheerleading Competition

DAY: 6/25

LOCATION: Coliseum

TIME:  10am

Bring on the school spirit! Junior Varsity and Middle School teams will participate in this year’s competition.  New this year– teams have the opportunity to participate in the “Traditions” category, performing their school song and chant.  Come out and cheer on your school’s team…Let’s go!

Midget Wrestling Warriors

DAY(S):  6/25 & 6/26

LOCATION:  Coliseum


Featuring top wrestlers from across the US, Canada, and Mexico– MPG Wrestling’s mission is to give athletes 5’2” and under, a wrestling company where they showcase their athleticism, talents, and passion in a professional environment giving wrestling fans of all ages and incredible experience!



Kids Day

DAY: 7/2 

LOCATION: Fairgrounds


Bring your kids for a night all about them! Unlimited rides with wristband. Find kid friendly entertainment on the park stage, and plenty of fun for the whole family.

Silly Safari

DAY(S):  6/25 & 7/2 

LOCATION:  Parks Stage


This LIVE Animal show is the perfect blend of fact and fun for all ages! Silly Safari shows include a variety of reptiles, mammals, birds, and bugs for an experience everyone will remember. Our funologists keep the entire audience involved and special guests from the audience join each animal for a game that teaches about the natural world.

Poultry Show

DAY: 6/25 

LOCATION: Poultry Barn


APA and ABA Sanctioned Poultry Show. A fair tradition, always enjoyed by all!

Demolition Derby

DAY: 6/26

LOCATION: Grandstands

TIME: 5:30 PM-11 PM

The Demolition Derby will be at the Circle City Raceway, during the Marion County Fair. Carnage and Mayhem added with monster trucks. Ticket in addition to fair entry. 

Front Wheel Drive Stock Demo Derby, Monster Trucks, One Way Auto Parts Grocery Getter Enduro

Pits Open at 5:00pm, Spectator Gates Open at 6:00pm, Drivers Meeting at 6:15pm, Show starts at 7pm

Dancers Around the World

DAY: 6/26

LOCATION: Park Stage

TIME:  5:45-6:15 PM

Enjoy dancers around the world on the free park stage. 

Drag Show

DAY: 6/26

LOCATION: Park Stage

TIME:  7-9 PM

Enjoy all things drag on the free park stage. 

Young Juan

DAY: 6/27

LOCATION: Parkstage

TIME: 5:45-6:15

Enjoy Young Juan at the free park stage!

Knot Ike & Tina

DAY: 6/27

LOCATION: Parks Stage

TIME: 7-9

Enjoy Knot Ike & Tina at the free park stage!  

Terrance Anderson

DAY: 6/28
LOCATION: Parks Stage 

TIME: 5:45-6:15

Enjoy Terrance Anderson at the free park stage!  

Ladies Night

DAY(S): 6/29

LOCATION: Park Stage


Ladies this night is for you! Enjoy a discounted entry, onto of giveaways at the park stage. 

RC Car Racing

DAY: 6/30 & 7/2


TIME: 6:30PM & 1PM

The trills and amazing racing RC cars! Check out the highly competitive sport that is sure to excite you!

CCB Appreciation Day

DAY: 6/30

LOCATION: Fairgrounds


All Indianapolis city employees get free entry to the fair, plus one! All you have to do is bring your issued ID!

Karaoke Night

DAY(S): 6/30

LOCATION: Park Stage


Bring the entire family, or friends to enjoy an evening of FREE karaoke at the fairgrounds. Not the best singer? That’s okay, everyone’s welcome. Ready to show off your vocals? We would love to hear them!

Baby Contest

DAY: 7/2 
LOCATION: Parks Stage 

TIME: 12 Noon

Contest Rules

Registration Form

Have the cutest baby in Marion County? Let our judges decide! Contestants must be 6 to 18 months in age. Registration forms, birth certificates, and $10.00 registration fee accepted on-site. 

Swine Show

DAY: 7/2 
LOCATION: Livestock Barn 

TIME: 12 Noon

Come out and see the swine as 4-H member and open show members show off their pigs!

Blacksmith Show

DAY(S): 7/2

LOCATION: Arts & Crafts Lawn

TIME: 12 Noon

See what a blacksmith does, and enjoy an up close demonstration of the craft. 


DAY: 7/2 
LOCATION: Coliseum

TIME: 7:30PM

Come see the Coliseum transform into a boxing ring! Family friendly fun for everyone.

Wood Carvers

DAY: 7/2 
LOCATION: Main Street

TIME: 12 Noon

Come see an artist with a chainsaw. Wood carving is both fascinating and impressive! 

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